Symptoms of Inner Peace

Today, I’ll continue our series on the “Fruits of the Holy Spirit” and talk about joy and peace. Are they possible? Oh, yes. It does require something, though: placing God at the very center of our lives; central to all
and everything.

We do that and there is a joy that comes, because we are accompanied by the Loving One. It doesn’t always mean that in a flash we receive everything that we want. But it certainly gives us the perspective that can keep us in joy.

And, particularly if we remember as well, that our life with God is meant to be our eternity as well, in all its
fullness. When we talk about peace, some would say that’s when you talk to God for everything. However, we know that every prayer isn’t answered right away or the way that we would like. Nonetheless, if we dare to keep God central and to trust, there is a peace that develops. What does it look like?

I found this wonderful list of the “symptoms of inner peace.” Things like an unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment, a loss of interest in judging self all the time, a loss of interest in judging others, a loss of interest in seeking conflict, a loss of the ability to worry, worry, worry.

These are symptoms of inner peace, which we can ask the Holy Spirit to help us to attain. In fact, real peace often
gets expressed in moments of gratitude and appreciation. We’re able to express that thankfulness. It could be the
times when we spontaneously smile with a brightness because there is an inner peace.

Ask for it, seek it. The great gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit are blessings we need to be praying for and growing in day by day.

God bless you