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The mission of the Office of Vocations is to invite and assist the faithful in discerning their call to discipleship within the Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of Pittsburgh as priests, monastics, and deacons.  Overseeing day-to-day business and communications, the Office of Vocations Staff will gladly answer your questions concerning vocations and discernment in the Byzantine Catholic Church. The Vocations Staff also assures the implementation of vocation-seeking protocols as recommended by the Vocations Committee.



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Creating a Culture of Vocations

Any “union and communion of persons” works best when there is a common vision.

If the mission of the family is to image the Holy Trinity, then each household should ask itself, “What therefore should this household look like? What should it sound like? What should be the overall atmosphere and character of the household?”

This essentially means establishing plan or a family “culture.” What daily routines, traditions, habits, prayer time, activities, music, art, friends, etc. will best allow each family member to become the best versions of themselves — to grow in holiness? A particularly powerful practice in this regard is to have at least one meal together which would include prayer and brief reading of Scripture. During the meal have each person talk about what was significant to him or her that day. Reflect together on these experiences in the context of Faith. Consistency is vital to the effectiveness of any aspect of the family culture.

The word “Gift” should be the guiding word of a family. The greatest gift that parents can give a child is the love between husband and wife. Parents should not ask children, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Rather, ask them, “How do you think you can make a gift of yourself for others?” The greatest lesson learned in a family is that we are all made in God’s image and likeness and we only find our fulfillment in life by making a full, free, faithful and fruitful gift of ourselves to others.  This is the nurturing which is so vital to creating a vocations culture.

The family, therefore, is the primary structure in which we first learn that real love is ultimately reflexive: We get what we need by tending first to the needs of others.

Pilgrim Vocation Icon and Prayer for Vocations

Lift your voice with thousands of Byzantine Catholics across the U.S. and offer this daily prayer in petition for an abundant increase of vocations in our church.