Latest Past Events

Stephen Venerable Martyr

St. Stephen, "the Younger." Venerable Martyr suffered martyrdom with Three Hundred and Forty-Three other Christians, victims of the fury of the Iconoclast Emperor Constantine Copronymus A.D. 766. St. Irenarchus, and Seven Women, Martyrs, who suffered death with him A.D. 292.

James the Persian Martyr

St. James the Persian, Great-Martyr, suffered a fearful martyrdom A.D. 421, under the Persian ruler Varanes V. He was progressively cut to pieces, first fingers, then toes, hands, feet, arms, legs were successively cut from his living body, while he … Continue reading

Thaddeus Apostle

St. Thaddeus, Apostle, one of the 70 Apostles, descendant of a Jewish Family in the city of Edessa, and was a disciple of St. John the Baptist-Precursor.  He died in peace at Beiruth, in Palestine. SS. Bassa and her children, … Continue reading