Where is your treasure?

Glory to Jesus Christ!

With this coming week, we will be launching the Great Fast – the Lenten season is upon us.
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The Challenge Of Love

Christ is born! Glorify Him!

Happy New Year to each and every one of you!

Today is special for the Sisters because we are called the Sisters of St. Basil the Great and this is his Feast. He died on Jan. 1, 379 A.D. Continue reading

The power of being called a child of God

I want to begin with a memory I have from my teenage years. Our family had a little ice cream store in the front part of our house and one day, a teenage boy and myself, — both around 15 or 16 years old — were in the store. Continue reading

“Eucharist” means “thanksgiving”

Here we are ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, one of the original and early religious feasts that came through our founders of this country who were from the Reform Movement and were very grateful for all that they received and experienced when they moved to this country.
It has continued to be a religious feast of sorts, at least a reminder, always, to be thankful to our Higher Power, to our God, who has provided so much for us in this blessed land. Continue reading

We have the gift of grace

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Have you discovered that there are some people you naturally like and some people you naturally don’t like? What happens in a chance encounter? Continue reading

Come and be renewed in the Lord

Glory to Jesus Christ!
Recently, our chaplain made some comments about words. Any words and the Word of God. And I said to myself:
“Sister, you use a lot of words.” Of course, I must in a setting like this and especially in the retreats that I do. And I began to say, “What am I always talking about?” Continue reading

Always, our call is to be loving

Glory to Jesus Christ!
Are you a lover? I’m always trying to be a better lover. We are created in love and for love.

This is God’s way. In Baptism, Chrismation, we are renewed in this love and sent forth to love others. We’re nourished in the Eucharist for this.

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Following Christ with a sense of moderation

Glory to Jesus Christ!
I remember a distinct moment in eighth grade when Sister Basil, at the beginning of the school year, said to us, “Please know that I pray for you every day.”

Then she said something shocking. She said, “In my prayers, I pray any of you that do something wrong will be caught immediately.” Continue reading