The Office of Protection of Children and Youth Announces . . .


• Mrs. Cynthia Corbett – Safe Environment Coordinator for the Archeparchy of Pittsburgh


• 2016 Safe Environment Workshop: “Protecting Our Children and Youth” (see informational PDF flyer)

− Required for all Clergy, Employees, Staff, Catechists, Parents, Volunteers
− Four Convenient Locations: Uniontown, Sykesville, Campbell, Munhall Cathedral
− FREE: No Participation Fee, No Materials Charges – All Materials and Resources Included


•  All Employees and Volunteers MUST HAVE Criminal Clearance, Child Abuse Clearance & Training Certification on file at the Chancery prior to active employment or participation in parish activities
•  All Pennsylvania Certifications MUST be renewed every three (3) years
•  ECF Teachers MUST OFFER a Safe Environment lesson plan their students during the month of October. Documentation forms MUST BE MAILED TO THE CHANCERY by the Coordinators before November 1st.


• Updated Website Pages – visit
• Online capability for Child Abuse Protection Certification
• Online access to Safe Environment Lesson Plans for Teachers/Parents
• Online Safe Environment Training

The cooperation of all pastors and administrators is essential to the partnership between parishes and the Office of Protection of Children and Youth in order to thoroughly engage and completely succeed in this very important work. Safe Environment Coordinator Cynthia Corbett is available at any time to contact for help with the Safe Environment Program at your parish. Phone 412-231-4000 ext. 10, or email