“The Golden Ticket” of Twitter

When I log onto Twitter, it sometimes feels as if I’m stepping into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. The environment of the Wonka workspace, as seen in Roald Dahl’s novel and two motion pictures, is bright and colorful while at the same time being dangerous if you don’t watch your step.

If you “click” on the wrong Twitter account, you might end up falling into the chocolate river like Augustus Gloop or blowing up to the size of a giant blueberry after enjoying a three-course dinner in the form of Magic Chewing Gum like Violet Beauregarde. No matter if it’s Twitter or Fizzy Lifting Drink, users will decide if it will be a conduit for good or evil.

I do my best to avoid the morass of suspicious Twitter accounts as if they are Mr. Wonka’s pitch-black scary boat tunnel. I’ve discovered lots of enjoyable accounts that are lock-step with my personality. I always check @RetroNewsNow, which posts a obscure pop culture “this day in history” items in the form of TV Guide advertisements and short videos.

(Did you know the series finale of ‘Gilligan’s Island’ aired 51 years ago on April 17, 1967, on CBS?) @millsbw is another great page which focuses on classic Saturday morning cartoons throughout the week. But there is also no shortage of Twitter accounts if you need some spiritual fuel for the day. Of course, No. 1 on the list is Pope Francis, who boasts more than 17.6 million followers. His Twitter account is @pontifex, where he posts messages to feed the soul throughout the day:
“God asks us little and gives us a lot. He asks us to open our hearts and to welcome Him.