OSV News Showcase | September 1, 2023

As we enter the month of September, I find it apropos the Ulma family and their unborn child will be beatified Sept. 10. We’ve had a number of stories about them lately (and more to come!), but it’s inspiring to have their quiet, simple witness in my current circumstances.

I’m dashing this Showcase off from a hospital, where my unborn twins are being frequently monitored for signs they need an early delivery. We’re doing fine right now, but it’s driven home the value of human life, the beauty of hidden acts of charity and that nothing is guaranteed in this life. Everything is grace. 

You’ll likely be hearing more from other members of the OSV News team while I’m out to appreciate these newest gifts. I know they’ll continue helping form, inform and inspire Catholics through their work during this time of change. I appreciate your prayers, and I look forward to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with you via the news when I return.

Megan Marley

Digital Editor

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Eucharistic miracle science may bolster, but should not distract, from faith, say experts

While some recognized Eucharistic miracles involve circumstances like multiplication, others involve the Eucharistic host taking on characteristics of blood or flesh. Within the last 10 years, three such miracles — two in Poland and one in Mexico — have been recognized by bishops overseeing the dioceses where they occurred.

The sinful energy of envy and how you incite it

COLUMN: “At its best, envy is a climber and a snob; at its worst, it is a destroyer; rather than have anybody happier than itself, it will see us all miserable together.” — Dorothy L. Sayers

Judge dismisses criminal abuse charges against former cardinal Theodore McCarrick

Dedham District Court Judge Michael Pomarole ruled McCarrick is unable to stand trial after receiving a medical report from prosecutors which agreed with the earlier defense report that McCarrick, 93, is suffering from dementia.

Historian and Ulma relative describes first learning about the ‘fascinating family’ he aims to share with world

Little did Mateusz Szpytma know that his childhood fascination with history and the family photo album would lead him to a lifetime mission – introducing the Ulma family to the world.

Catholic parishes relied on faith, prudent planning during university shooting

Two North Carolina pastors told OSV News their parish security plans were put to a real-life test when an active shooting unfolded nearby — and safety and mental health ministries are serving as a model for other churches, said lay leaders.

U.S. Catholic schools see strong growth, forming children ‘who love Jesus Christ’

As they open their doors for a new academic year, the nation’s Catholic schools are enjoying overall strong growth, along with a firm commitment to mission, experts told OSV News.

CELAM report portrays long-lasting crisis in Latin America after COVID-19 hit the region

Despite Latin America’s economy having grown in the past two years following a sharp contraction in 2020, the region has yet to overcome the scarring impact that COVID-19 left on its social fabric, according to a report released by CELAM, the Latin American bishops’ council.

State abortion limits become topic of debate among candidates and activists

After activists for legal abortion pushed back on some Republican presidential candidates’ criticism of some state abortion laws as being without limits, a prominent pro-life group cast those arguments as disingenuous and said some states actually do not limit the procedure in law.

Questions: Sports fandom and sin, a little-known U.S. apparition

QUESTION CORNER: Is it a sin to go to a ballgame and wish bad things for the other team? I read there is a shrine in Wisconsin recognized as having had a Marian apparition — why hasn’t it been made more public?

“The Equalizer 3” (Sony)

MOVIE REVIEW: Interludes of hideous mayhem render moot any detailed moral analysis of the latest vigilante crusade undertaken by the retired government assassin of the title.

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