Christmas Memories: Clergy, Religious of the Archeparchy of Pittsburgh Share Their Personal Christmas Memories

A very long time ago during the 1930s, before extensive, creative and extravagant Christmas decorating of house and lawn, our family home got a lot of attention.

It was high off the street, complete with a wall, many winding steps, and a sun-porch.

My father was a machinist, and one year he decided to improvise something different for the ceiling tall, decorated all around Christmas tree in the sun-porch.
He managed to create the mechanism for a revolving Christmas tree. Because it was surrounded by windows, it could be seen far and wide.

People actually stopped cars and walkers stood to watch it. Their amazement was, “Why don’t the wires get tangled?’ (Remember, this was almost 100 years ago.)
Actually, my dad removed the motor from the washing machine in the basement to power it.
Needless to say, my mother was relieved when the holiday was over, and she could do the laundry again.