Giorgio Demetrio Gallaro Consecrated, Enthroned as Bishop of Piana Degli Albanesi

Former Judicial Vicar for the Archeparchy of Pittsburgh and Professor of Canon Law for the Byzantine Catholic Seminary of SS. Cyril & Methodius Very Rev. George D. Gallaro has become enthroned as Bishop of Piana degli Albanesi near Palermo, Sicily (Italy). Events included Profession of Faith during Vespers of June 27 at the Co-Cathedral of St. Nicholas of the Greeks at the Martorana in Palermo and Episcopal Chirotonia (Consecration) at the Cathedral of St. Demetrius the Great-Martyr in Piana degli Albanesi on Sunday, June 28. In the presence of Cardinal Paolo Romero, Metropolitan Archbishop of Palermo, and the Christian People of the Eparchy, the Chirotonia was conferred by Most Rev. Donato Oliverio, Bishop of the Eparchy of Lungro, Most Rev. Nicholas Samra, Bishop of the Melkite Eparchy of Newton, and Most Rev. Dimitrios Salachas, Bishop of the Exarchate in Athens. In attendance were Metropolitan Archbishop William C. Skurla, Protosyncellus Very Rev. Andrew J. Deskevich and Father James Hess, O.Carm (Archeparchy of Pittsburgh); and Bishop Kurt Burnette (Eparchy of Passaic). Established over 500 years ago, Piana degli Albanesi is the episcopal see of the Italo-Albanian Byzantine Catholic Church.