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St. John Chrysostom

Our holy father, St. John the Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople, most famous of both the Greek and the Latin Church and one of the four great Doctors of the Orient, called "Golden-Tongued" because of his eloquence.  The Catholic Church honors … Continue reading

SS Menas, Victor, & Vincent

SS. Menas, Victor, and Vincent, Martyrs, suffered martyrdom A.D. 296. St. Stephenida, Martyr, endured death A.D. 213. Our venerable father, Theodore Studite, Confessor, Hegumen-Abbot. He resisted the Iconoclast Emperor at Constantinople, was banished four times, and ended his days in … Continue reading

SS Onesiphorus & Pophryius

SS. Onesiphorus and Porphyrius, Martyrs.  Porphyrius was of the household of Onesiphorus spoken of by St. Paul in his 2nd Epistle to Timothy (2:16-18).  They preached the Gospel towards the close of the 1st century.  Tradition says they were tied … Continue reading