Feasts and Fasts

September 1 – Beginning of Church Year14 Exhaltation of the Holy Cross October 1 – Protection of the Theotokos November 8 – Archangel Michael and All Angels11/15 – 12/24 Phillip’s Fast21 – Entrance of the Theotokos December 6 – Nicholas of … Continue reading

Metropolitan Church

Archeparchy of Pittsburghestablished September 1, 1924 Eparchy of Passaicestablished July 31, 1963 Eparchy of Parmaestablished February 21, 1969 Holy Protection of Mary Eparchy of Phoenix (formerly the Eparchy of Van Nuys)established March 9, 1982


The history of the Byzantine Catholic Church is rooted in rich traditions that elevate spirituality.   Archeparchy of Pittsburgh Legacy: Previous Hierarchs


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