The Challenge Of Love

Christ is born! Glorify Him!

Happy New Year to each and every one of you!

Today is special for the Sisters because we are called the Sisters of St. Basil the Great and this is his Feast. He died on Jan. 1, 379 A.D.

He has been considered “The Great” — a title not all saints are given — because he was so outstanding in so many ways. He is also considered a Father and Doctor of the Church.

In the times that he lived, he served the people with great generosity. He saved them when there was a great crisis, he fostered education, he founded the first hospices and, above all, his life was about bringing forth love in practical ways. He demanded that of the monks who followed him and worked with them as well.

This is his message always, that Christ brought love, and he spoke it to the wealthy as well as to the poor. For the wealthy he encouraged giving to others and taught them to ask if they gave from the right motives? And to the poor, did they serve from the right motives? Did they love one another?

In this idea — this challenge — of love, it’s really awesome to think what it means.
When you love someone else, the other person only knows if he or she is loved when they feel it themselves. They know if your love is genuine. And that’s the growth we are called to ever as children of God; children of a God of love.

May God’s love continue to form and re-form our hearts, our everyday expressions, our caring. As much as you looked for the right gift to give someone at Christmas time, look for the right expression of love to offer all through this year.

God bless you