Congratulations to Pope Francis

March 13, 2013

Congratulations to our newly-elected Pope Francis. The first modern-day Pope born outside of Europe, the first Jesuit, and the first to be named after Saint Francis, Pope Francis has been very supportive of the Eastern Catholic Churches in Latin America during his tenure as Archbishop of Buenos Aires in his native Argentina. For this, we are especially thankful.

Bishop Gerald Dino of Phoenix and I are in Rome and will represent our Byzantine Catholic Metropolitan Church at his enthronement at Saint Peter’s Basilica on Tuesday, March 19. You can already feel the joy, hope and excitement for the future.

As we begin to remember his name in the litanies of the Divine Liturgy and in our daily prayer, we ask that our new Pope receives strength from the Father and wisdom from the Holy Spirit.

As he assumes his place as our Holy Father, we wish him peace, health, and happiness for many blessed and happy years.


Metropolitan Archbishop William C. Skurla

Byzantine Catholic Metropolitan Church in the USA