Spirituality Day

Spirituality Day was held March 31 at SS. Peter and Paul in Warren, Ohio.

Spirituality Days are sponsored by the Benedictine Sisters twice a year, to assist the faithful in preparing themselves to celebrate the Feasts of the Nativity and the Resurrection of Christ more fully. There is no by Sister Barbara Pavlik, OSB SS. Peter and Paul, Warren, Ohio Spirituality Day Photo by Mary Anne Karchut charge for the Spirituality Days and they are open to all in the parish and the local community.

Very Rev. Robert M. Pipta, Rector of SS. Cyril and Methodius Seminary in Pittsburgh, Pa., was the presenter for this day.

His topic was “Living in Peace and Repentance.” He brought out the fact that Great Lent is a blessed time for us to be truthful about ourselves – to take stock of our spiritual obstacles, our selfish passions and our bad habits. He spoke of the value of repentance and how true repentance and fasting can lead us to a peaceful life.

Father Robert gave many examples of how to put fasting, prayer and repentance into practice in our lives everyday. He examined different ways in which we can pray and how these holy conversations with God keep us on the path of peace and repentance…and he did this in the context of our Byzantine Liturgical and Lenten observance. It was a very enriching afternoon.