Saint Michael Byzantine Catholic Church Hermitage, PA

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    Priest: Reverend Kevin E. Marks

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Saint Michael Byzantine Catholic Church

2230 Highland Road

Hermitage, PA. 16148 Get Directions
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On June 4, 1905 Father Alexis Pastelyi celebrated the initial Divine Liturgy in Bobby Hall located on Idaho Street, Farrell, Pa.

A month later, under Father Alexander Dudinsky’s spiritual leadership, plans were made for a church building and property was purchased on Spearman Avenue in Farrell. Construction commenced in September. By March 1906 the edifice was completed and the first Divine Liturgy was celebrated. On July 4, 1906 the church was solemnly blessed and dedicated.

Early in 1908 Father Dudinsky was transferred. Serving the parish for the following two years were Father Alexis Novak, Father Sylvester Lupis and Father Aleksij Petrasovich. In 1910 Father John Danilovich was assigned to the church and served until his death in 1923. He and the parishioners successfully paid the existing debt. In 1918, twelve acres of land were purchased and solemnly blessed under the name of St. Mary Cemetery, which later was changed to St. Michael Cemetery.

In March 1924, Father Elias Gojdics renovated the church to accommodate the growing congregation. On September 27, 1928, the Feast of the Universal Elevation of the Holy Cross, Bishop Basil Takach rededicated the church. In 1931, Father Aurelius A. Petrick was appointed and became the longest serving pastor in the church’s history.

The parish continued to flourish and change. The church was redecorated and the basement remodeled into a social center with kitchen facilities. Land opposite the church was purchased for a parking lot. Larger facilities had to accommodate the still-growing numbers. With the approval of Bishop Nicholas T. Elko, Father Petrick purchased land on Highland Road Extension in Hickory Township (present-day Hermitage). Construction of a social center began.

Father Judson M. Procyk, assistant at St. Michael’s five years earlier, was appointed pastor in 1963. He completed and furnished the social center in 1966. He also established a successful catering project. Many in the Shenango Valley became aware of the Church’s presence through this project. On May 2, 1968 Father Procyk was assigned to the duties of assistant chancellor and secretary to Bishop Stephen J. Kocisko.

Father Michael Benya subsequently was named as pastor. By January 1969 the parish was clear of debt and thoughts of building a new church were placed in motion. The groundbreaking ceremony occurred on December 26, 1971.

In March 1983, Father John J. Borodach assumed the pastorate. For the next 12 years, Father Borodach applied his keen administrative skills. The exterior and interior of the church were remodeled. Father Borodach’s financial abilities provided substantial parish savings to help the church meet its goals for future projects.

Father Frank A. Firko came to the parish on June 15, 1995. He previously had been assigned as an assistant pastor of the parish upon ordination in May 1977 for a period of three months. Father John Cuccaro succeeded Father Firko as pastor in January 2010. In October 2012, St. Michael’s Parish vocation, Father Kevin E. Marks was assigned as pastor. Fr. Kevin is the only priestly vocation from the parish.

Currently, the Social Hall is in the process of being reopened for events, and the parish looks forward to celebrating its 110th anniversary in 2015.