Saints Peter and Paul Byzantine Catholic Church Dunlo, PA

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Saints Peter and Paul Byzantine Catholic Church

Roberts Street

Dunlo, PA. 15930 Get Directions
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Any historical sketch of the people of the Byzantine Catholic Church must include an appreciation of their deep faith in God and His church. Truly, their beginnings were very difficult. They were forced to leave their homeland because of the many sufferings and hardships encountered there to make a living. When they came to America, they settled in the coal regions of Pennsylvania. Conditions were hardly ideal for them. They did not know the language, had very little education and had very little opportunity to advance. Yet, in spite of the difficulties, they continued to live, work and pray together in the traditions which they had brought with them.

A large number of these people settled in Dunlo, Pa., a small town in the green mountainous region of central Pennsylvania which very much resembled their homeland. In addition to establishing their own homes, they very much desired to establish their own house of worship. They met and decided that a church should be built as soon as possible. In 1909 the cornerstone was laid and the new church was dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul.

Unfortunately, there were not enough priests to serve all of the Byzantine Catholic parishes regularly and it became necessary to walk the long distance north (nearly 8 miles) to St. Michael Byzantine Church in South Fork every Sunday for liturgical services and the Holy Mysteries (sacraments).

SS. Peter and Paul remained a mission church until 1922. In 1924 Bishop Basil Takach placed St. Mary Church of Beaverdale and SS. Peter and Paul Church under the pastoral care of Father Igor Mackov. He cared for both parishes until his death in 1946.

From 1947 to 1964 various pastors made many improvements to the church. Interior renovation, new main and side altars, murals, new pews and stained glass windows all contributed to making this parish what it is today.