Saint Anne Byzantine Catholic Church Clymer, PA

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Saint Anne Byzantine Catholic Church

48 Franklin Street

Clymer, PA. 15728 Get Directions
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Greek Catholics in the Clymer, Pa. area began efforts in1907 to organize a parish. Through the helping of St. Michael Greek Catholic Union Lodge #414, a parish was established under the patronage of Saint Michael the Archangel. In 1919, a beautiful structure was erected on Morris Street. As was the case in many Greek Catholic communities, in the early 1930s the majority of the parish chose to be independent and affiliated with the Carpatho-Russian Greek Catholic Diocese.

During the next three decades, Father Theodore Mankovich, pastor of SS. Peter& Paul Church, Punxsutawney periodically served the needs of the small remnant of Greek Catholic faithful in Clymer. Divine Liturgy was celebrated in the basement of St. Anthony Roman Catholic Church and at the Union Hall.

Through the efforts of Mary Halady, a dedicated lay-woman, in 1964 the community was designated a mission of SS. Peter & Paul, Patton, Pa. and Father Andrew Chura was assigned. A choir was organized and the parish adopted Saint Anne as its patroness.

In 1966, the present site of St. Anne Church was purchased. The former store on the property was skillfully redesigned and with much sacrifice and hard work, transformed into a lovely Eastern Catholic church complete with a traditional icon screen. The icons were written by Timothy Loya. The interior is reminiscent of rustic wooden old county churches. The faithful take great pride in the upkeep and maintenance of their beautiful church. Eventually the property next to the church was purchased to enhance the location.

Through the years St. Anne community grew and became vibrant with an active church school, a famous choir, and a dedicated Ladies Society who were praised for their delicious Slavic foods.

Although the St. Anne community of faithful always hoped to become a full-fledged parish with a resident pastor, they were served by many faithful priests over the years as a mission parish. In the last decade demographic and economic changes influenced the parish.

Presently, under the administration of Father Wesley Mash, St. Anne Church maintains a small choir, ECF (Eastern Christian Formation) classes with three teachers, Bethany Ministry, Altar Servers, Lector, Handmaidens and Parish Advisory. Under the patronage of Saint Anne, grandmother of the Lord, the parish continues to grow in faith, membership and dedication.