Office of Religious Education

St. Simeon the New Theologian states, “We who have been divinized by grace and by adoption in baptism, are also to be divinized in awareness and knowledge.” The realization of the magnitude of our calling to divinization may be brought about in a number of ways, one of which is catechesis.

Eastern Christian Formation


Men’s Day


Spirituality Conference

Women’s Day

Men and women from a wide variety of backgrounds are called to share in the church’s catechetical mission. For the Byzantine Christian, the approach is:


because all areas of the Christian life and witness are touched; because it seeks to use every medium for communicating the Christian message on every level: young child, youth, adolescent, young adult, senior citizens, aged, and those with special needs

Eastern Christian

because it expresses the Christian faith which is founded first and foremost on our primary relationship with Jesus Christ according to the traditions of the Eastern Churches through which we have received that faith along with our identity and self-understanding


because, while imparting information, it is concerned with the forming mature Christians who can witness to their faith in every aspect of their life


because it seeks to allow for a faith development which is based on recognized ability patterns and response patterns for each level, thereby providing for continual growth