The Metropolitan Cantor Institute of the Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of Pittsburgh, initiated in 1998, has a three-fold purpose:

  • To prepare men and women to serve as parochial cantors,
  • To serve as a resource center for liturgical music, and
  • To provide professional support for the cantors of the Archeparchy.

The MCI program has been restructured based on feedback from cantor school students, and based on the instructors’ experience in teaching the program:

  • The five-year program has been shortened to four years. A one-year course on the Divine Liturgy is offered annually; the remaining three years (offered in rotation) cover the remaining chant material in the program.
  • The music theory component has been revised to reflect the material most needed by cantors, and uses movable-do solfege for instruction in all four years.
  • An additional six-evening course for readers will be offered in the Fall and Spring, covering Scripture and the role and tools of the church lector or reader. This course is open to new and prospective readers and cantors. Beginning MCI students will be expected to take this course as their schedule permits, and returning students are encouraged to take it as well.

Metropolitan Cantor Institute classes are held on the grounds of the Byzantine Catholic Seminary in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (driving directions). Short courses are offered in parishes of the Archeparchy of Pittsburgh.

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Contact MCI Director Jeffrey Mierzejewski at (412) 735-1676 or e-mail