“Humankind”: Be both

Dear Friends,
A short time ago while driving I stopped at a red light. The car that was
in front of me had a bumper sticker which caught my interest. The first
line read HUMANKIND. I thought to myself: “What is the point?” Then
I focused a bit more on the small words on the second line. They read: Be
Wow! How profound! How appropriate for the challenging time we are currently facing!
How many of the issues we are wrestling with could be resolved if all of us were simply
HUMAN and simply KIND!
This year as we walk on this Pilgrimage of the Heart, we need to journey deep into our
being and ask ourselves some serious questions about some serious issues. How accepting
am I of ALL others regardless of race, ethnicity, religion? How willing am I to step out to
support those who are struggling with being included in all the blessings and peace of our
country’s promises? How seriously do I follow the guidelines to keep myself and others
safe during this COVID-19 crisis? How carefully am I reflecting upon the values, integrity,
and morality of the political candidates who are presenting themselves in the upcoming

This interior journey of the heart is far more difficult than the journey of the feet. It leads us to face Jesus as He asks us: “Are you being truly HUMAN; are you being truly KIND?” Finally, the content of all the theology books and all the theological treatises found on countless shelves in countless libraries can be summed up in the words of the Great Commandments – love God, love others!
We will miss being able to welcome you to the Mount this Labor Day weekend especially since we had hoped to celebrate our 100 years — our Century of Ministry to the Byzantine Catholic Church with you. You are all a beloved part of our special family and have enabled us to reach this special event through your ongoing prayers and support.
Still, we invite you to take some quiet time to reflect upon the thoughts above. Also we are providing a few spiritual services on YouTube which we hope will serve to uplift you.
Your participation in these hymns and prayers united with ours will all reach the ears of
Jesus in one resounding symphony. In this way, together, we will glorify Our Lord and give
honor to his dear Mother of Perpetual Help as we celebrate the 86th Pilgrimage in a very
different way.
Stay safe…Be HUMAN…Be KIND…Be at peace…God is with us…
With love, prayers, and gratitude,