Getting into the habit of kindness

Sister Barbara Jean Mihalchick posts videos of her reflections each week at the Facebook of the Sisters of St. Basil the Great. View them at: This is a transcript of her July 13, 2019 reflection and is Part 4 of her “Fruits of the Holy Spirit” series.

Glory to Jesus Christ! I want to continue with the series I’ve begun on the Fruits of the Holy Spirit and this time ask the question: Do you remember a time when you experienced a really special kindness from somebody? Does the memory stay with you? Do you remember this person and perhaps pray for him or her? Kindness leaves us with a joyous feeling afterward and that’s whether we give it or whether we receive it, in my experience.

Jesus attracted people because of His kindness. He exuded that kind of kindness to people and they wanted to be with Him. The Gospel tells us sometimes they stayed with Him many, many hours. When we experience kindness from others I hope it will remind us of Him. In the Gospel, it says Jesus would get a “gut reaction,” a need to reach out in kindness when He saw a need. We see these stories. He walks right up to a widow in Nain whose son has died.

He reaches out to those in healing who haven’t even asked. Is this habit — kindness — becoming normal for us? Have we learned that kind of sensitivity that, no matter what, we quickly reach out to offer? There are obstacles, yes. Our pride can get in the way and say, “Why should I help him or her?” We can have grudges against certain people and then we don’t want to reach out. There could be other reasons, as well. But that becomes reasons for repentance. Let us watch for our abilities, our quickness, to be kind and call out to the Lord, who is merciful and ask him to teach us. And go back to the Scriptures to see his mighty, gentle, beautiful example.

God bless you.