Deacon John Cencich ordained to the Holy Diaconate in Upper St. Clair, Pa.


By Father Valerian Michlik
St. Gregory, Upper St. Clair, Pa.

On Sunday, Nov. 26, we welcomed to St. Gregory our Most Reverend Metropolitan Archbishop William C. Skurla.

For our parish family this was a joyful event as we witnessed the ordination of our parishioner John R. Cencich to the holy diaconate.

At the entrance of our church, Metropolitan William was welcomed with a bouquet of flowers by the ordinand’s granddaughter Eliana.

Afterward our parishioner Anne S. Hast presented the traditional welcome with bread and salt.

At the beginning of the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, Reader John was elevated to the subdiaconate. Following the Anaphora-Consecration of the Gifts we prayerfully witnessed how subdeacon John was led three times around the holy altar, kneeling on one knee awaiting the laying on of hands — ordination to the diaconate.

During the singing of the word “Axios-Worthy,” newly ordained Deacon John received the orarion, epimanikia (cuffs), censer, and ripidion (liturgical fan).

Following Holy Communion, the first liturgical act of Father Deacon John took place as he proclaimed the final Litany of Thanksgiving.

The beautiful Hierarchical Divine Liturgy concluded with the Ordination speech of Father Deacon John.

This prayerful event continued in our church hall with a festive reception during which we all had the opportunity to offer our best wishes to newly ordained Father Deacon John and his wife Pani Andrea Cencich as they begin this new chapter in their lives.
Many happy and blessed years! Mnohaja i blahaja lita!