Come and be renewed in the Lord

Glory to Jesus Christ!
Recently, our chaplain made some comments about words. Any words and the Word of God. And I said to myself:
“Sister, you use a lot of words.” Of course, I must in a setting like this and especially in the retreats that I do. And I began to say, “What am I always talking about?”
And I thought my words in these reflections fall into two categories: things related to prayer and things related to service.
The other words I think of are “encounter” and “overflow.”
The “encounter” I think of, of course, is the encounter with God and we do that through a number of ways. We do it
through prayer, we do it in Scripture readings, we do it in repentance, confession, the Mysteries or Sacraments. We
do it in meditation, we do it in celebrations often with the praise songs that we have.
So, there are many ways we can enter into the “encounter.”
And my thought is not just the moments we spend in that, but the sense of immersion because that ties into the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
We’re refreshed each time we renew this encounter and are immersed in that depth of grace. We hardly can appreciate the importance of that.
But what it ought to do — and does do if we let it— is help us to overflow in love. Jesus is forever teaching about love in one way or another.
Think of the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus starts with the Golden Rule: “As you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.”
Then He goes on to talk about lending, not just to those who will lend back to you; any sinner can do that.
He goes on to say “love your enemies.” He’s talking very much about the “overflow” that our lives need to be about
daily, again and again.
My friends, it’s all here.
Come and be renewed in the Lord again and again, strengthened for life and for
God bless you.