Church Chronology

August 4, 1936 – Michaylo appointed as pastor.

Fall, 1936 – Parish school opened as a day school.

November 5, 1946 – Consecration of Daniel Ivancho as co-adjutor bishop at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Oakland.

May 13, 1948 – Bishop Takach dies.

Summer, 1954 – Msgr. Nicholas Elko appointed as rector.

December 2, 1954 – Elko appointed as administrator of the Exarchate after Ivancho resigns.

March 6, 1955 – Elko consecrated as bishop in Rome.

Sept. 1955 – Elko appointed as the Apostolic Exarch (Bishop).

1955-1956 – Father George Bonchonsky serves as pastor.

1956-1959 – Father John Pipik serves as pastor.  Renovation of the church begins.  Services held in the School auditorium while the renovations are made.

November 1, 1959 – September 26, 1963 – Msgr. John Gernat serves as rector.  Renovation of the church completed.

September 12, 1963 – Msgr. John Bilock appointed as rector.

June 1966 – Church holds celebration to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the church and the burning of the church mortgage.  Banquet held for parishioners at
nearby St. Michael’s Auditorium following the celebration of a Divine Liturgy by Bishop Elko.

1969 – Bishop Kocisko appointed as bishop of the Diocese.  When the Diocese of Parma was created in 1971, the Pittsburgh Diocese was elevated to the status of an archdiocese.  The
Archdiocese is named the Archdiocese of Munhall after the location of the church.

1973 – Msgr. Bilock appointed as auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Pittsburgh.

1973 – Msgr. Judson Procyk is named the new rector succeeding Bishop Bilock.

August 1980 – Groundbreaking for the Center is held.

Date in 1982? – Dedication of the Center.

July 5, 1992 – Archbishop Thomas Dolinay officiates at groundbreaking for the new church.

April 1993 – Archbishop Dolinay dies.

December 19, 1993 – Final liturgy is held at 11 a.m. at the Dickson Street church.  Following the conclusion of the liturgy, the Atransition is made to the newly constructed cathedral.

December 24, 1993 – Christmas Eve Liturgy is celebrated by Bishop Bilock, the acting administrator of the Archdiocese.  Archbishop Kocisko is in attendance.

June 12, 1994(check date) – The new cathedral is solemnly dedicated by Bishop Michael Dudick, the Bishop of Passiac and the Acting Metropolitan, and Bishop Bilock.

September 8, 1994 – Bishop Bilock dies.  His body lies in state in the cathedral; his funeral is held on September 13, 1994.

November 15, 1994 – Procyk is named as the new Archbishop (Third Metropolitan).

January ?, 1995 – Procyk’s final liturgy.  Check thedate of going away ceremony(same date as Steelers-Chargers championship game). Note- Father Robert Karl had been named as the
new rector and assumed his position some time after this date.

February 7, 1995 – Procyk is consecrated as a bishop and formally installed as archbishop.  Note-  this was the first time that such a consecration ceremony had taken place in the cathedral of the diocese.

February 12, 1995 – Procyk returns for celebration of liturgy and is feted at parish testimonial banquet.

March 7, 1995 – Archbishop Kocisko dies.  His body lies in state in the cathedral.  His funeral is held on March 13, 1995.