Byzantine Spirituality Conference 2018

This month’s Archeparchial Assembly will lay a foundation for our parishes to RENEW, REVITALIZE, AND REJUVENATE.

This year’s Byzantine Spirituality Conference is designed to equip the participants of the Assembly, Catechists and all interested adults to go from a “maintenance-mode parish life” to a true conversion journey that inspires seekers to lifelong discipleship.

The Byzantine Spirituality Conference is scheduled for Nov. 10 at St. John the Baptist Cathedral, 210 Greentree Road, Munhall, Pa.

  • RENEW: We will look at at the past to see what needs to be restored.
  • REVITALIZE: Look at the present to bring about a transformation.
  • REJUVENATE: Envision the future to regenerate a freshness to live authentically out of our deepest beliefs.

The title of this year’s Spirituality Conference is: “Parish Life from Maintenance to Discipleship.” Deacon John Evancho will present “The Immigrant Disciple” and “Being a Disciple of Christ Today” and Christopher Russo will present “The Challenge of Discipleship for the Future.”