Give a gift of joy for Christmas

View from the little sisters of the poor I had just begun my initiation to religious life when a very kind Little Sister offered to share with me the secret to joy. Of course, I wanted to know the secret, … Continue reading

Learning to listen, listening to learn

In June we observed the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the massive invasion in N o r m a n d y, France, that led to the Allied victory in World War II. Extensive media coverage allowed us to participate in … Continue reading

A note to women: We are all mothers!

During the month of May, we thank God for our mothers and all we have received from them. It’s also good to remember the other women who have played an important role in our lives, from grandmothers and aunts to … Continue reading

Join us on the journey through Lent

Lent reminds us that we are pilgrims on the path of discipleship, living out the paschal mystery in our lives, each according to our own vocation. I think it is helpful to have a resolution or personal intention to help … Continue reading

What are you giving up for Christmas?

As they celebrated their first Christmas in America 150 years ago, our Little Sisters in Baltimore noted that the donations received included “twelve turkeys, four ducks, sixteen chickens and so many other good things that we didn’t know what to … Continue reading

The Sick, Our Everyday Heroes

by Sister Constance Veit Little Sisters of the Poor Over Christmas, two of my family members were talking about a mutual friend who, though chronically ill, routinely does heroic acts of kindness for others. Though they get exasperated with her … Continue reading