Attention all Cantors

All voices welcome to lead 2016 pilgrimage services.

It is now almost summer, and the year-round planning process continues for the 82nd Annual Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Perpetual Help at Mount Saint Macrina in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. As singing is an inseparable component of this time-honored spiritual event, our attention also turns to providing cantorial leadership throughout the four days of Pilgrimage, September 2 through 5. On June 15, an invitation will be extended to all known cantors who are on the current mailing list for the Annual Pilgrimage.

The letter asks cantors of parishes within the Metropolitan Church to volunteer to lead or participate in the singing at the various services celebrated during the Pilgrimage, and also are asked to provide their responses by Friday, July 22. If you are an official parish cantor but never have received an invitation to participate in the Pilgrimage services and would like to contribute to the music ministry at this year’s event, please fill out the Cantor Participation Form which can be found online at To indicate your interest in participating in Pilgrimage services, provide all requested information and submit as indicated on the form by Friday, July 22.

This action also will place previously unregistered cantors on the Pilgrimage mailing and notification list. All cantors are most welcome to join their fellow cantors from around the country and add their voices to lead the faithful in praise during this prayerful pilgrimage weekend.