BCW to adopt monthly publication

In an effort to keep The BCW affordable for both subscribers and the publisher, Archbishop William, President of the Byzantine Catholic Press Associates, has made the decision to adopt a monthly publication schedule for The Byzantine Catholic World newspaper.

With a decreased hard copy subscriber base (the number of parish and individual subscriptions has decreased with the advent and popularity of electronic news, and many now prefer to receive The BCW electronically), it now has become critical to either significantly increase the hard-copy subscription rate in order to continue delivering 17 issues of The BCW, or decrease the number of issues produced annually with a modest subscription price increase. The basic per-subscription price necessary to cover the ever-increasing expense of producing, printing, and mailing the newspaper every three weeks (17 issues) would be well over $20, a price which would be a financial burden to both parishes and individual subscribers.

Therefore, The BCW now will be published monthly (12 issues) with two special editions for the major holy days of Pascha (Easter) and Nativity (Christmas), for a total of 14 hard-copy issues and electronic updates annually. The new subscription price will be $14 (USD), and will take effect with the July 2016 issue, which is the beginning of the new fiscal year, and following the 61st anniversary of the June 1955 establishing of the Archeparchy’s official newspaper.

In addition to this published notification, current subscribers, both parish and individual, who wish to continue receiving The BCW via postal mail also will be reminded of this increase and publication schedule change when their annual subscription is up for renewal.

Submission deadlines also will change to the 15th of the month prior to the month of publication. Hence, the submission deadline for all materials will begin June 15, 2016 for the July 2016 issue.

The remaining 8 issues on the 17-issues-annually schedule (January through June 2016) will be:

Issue #/Issue Date                           Submission Deadline

1)     Jan. 17                                       Jan. 5
2)     Feb. 7 (Great Fast issue)            Jan. 26
3)     Feb 28                                       Feb. 16
4)     Mar 20 (Pascha issue)                Mar. 8
5)     April 10                                       Mar. 29
6)     May 1                                        Apr. 19
7)     May 22                                      May 10
8)     June 12                                     May 31

Then, as of July 2016 (through December 2016), The BCW will be published monthly:

Issue #/Issue Date                         Submission Deadline

9)   July 2016                                 June 15
10)   August 2016                            July 15
11)   September 2016                      Aug. 15
12)   October 2016                           Sept. 15
13)   November 2016                       Oct. 15
14)   December 2016                       Nov. 15
15)   Special Christmas issue            Dec. 5
(1  – January 2017)                          Dec. 15

This revised schedule results in 15 total issues which will be published in 2016. As of January 2017, the publication will produce 14 issues annually.

For GUIDELINES and SUBSCRIPTION information, visit www.archpitt.org/publication-guidelines and www.archpitt.org/subscriptions